Frequently Asked Questions

Am I always anonymous when I make a post?
All day, every day. Even if you ask your friends through Nattr your identity is hidden.

Do my friends need the app to receive a message?
Nope. You can ask anyone who’s in your phonebook and they can respond instantly through text. Works like magic.

What permissions does Nattr ask for?
To make sure you’re getting the best experience we ask you allow access to your phonebook, camera roll (If you’re uploading screenshots of text conversations), and to allow notifications.

How long does it take to get a response?
You’re not going to believe this. . . less than 5 minutes.

Why do you need my age?
We ask for your age because it can help people provide a more useful response.

What do the stars mean?
Ah, yes. The stars are given to our team of handpicked writers and Comedians. However! Our users can earn stars by moving up the ranks and earning lots of likes.

I asked a star responder for a response and no one responded. Now what?
In this ever so rare case, after 12 hours the charms spent will be credited back to you.

I bought charms and I’m not happy with the response I got . . .
We apologize. Or do we? Maybe you’re a picky Paddy and you wouldn’t be happy with anything! In this event, you can submit the response to where we will review it.

How come when I invited a friend to Nattr I didn’t receive any charms?
That silly someone didn’t sign up using the link you sent. Kick them in the shin next time you see them.

How do I follow and search for people?
You see that handy dandy magnifying glass on your tool bar? Yep, that one. Click it and it will bring up a list of suggested followers. Alternatively you can search for a specific user at the top.

Why would I want to follow someone?
Why not? Ultimately the more people you follow the more selection you have when choosing to share a message privately.

What is the benefit of making a message private if I am already anonymous?
Double protection! Here’s an example: If you want a response to a text message you are sending to Cindy, Cindy might have Nattr too. So to avoid your screenshot showing up on her public feed, create a private message and only ask those selected. Guarantees Cindy won’t see.

Can I remove a post off the public feed?
Sure can. If you click the (…) icon, it will disappear. Forever.

What if I see something inappropriate?
Close your eyes! Then go into settings and click ‘report a problem’ or select the (…) and click report.

Do I have to be a certain age to use Nattr?
Yes, we ask you be 17 years or older.

Can I edit my post?
Once it’s been posted, nope. You can delete it and start again.

If I add a contact into my phone, will Nattr update to include this person?
We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Can I see which of my friends are already on Nattr?
Yes and no. When submitting a post, when it comes to the share screen if you have logged in with Facebook you will see which other Facebook friends have Nattr. Additionally when anyone in your phonebook downloads Nattr and uses their phone number to login you will get a notification that they have joined. We are working on making discovery a lot easier so bear with us!

I just got a text from Nattr, now what?
Great! One of your friends wants to know what you would say back to their text message. All you do is click the link and it will take you to the message (without downloading the app) and you can respond instantly.

I am really witty and would like to write for Nattr. How do I get started?
Email us.

Are responses automated?
Never! We have a team of highly skilled writers working for Nattr ready to respond as well as everyone who’s downloaded the app.

Why aren’t my friends receiving my private posts?
Make sure their phone number has the international dialing code in front of it in your address book and try again.

How do I delete my account?
This question sucks. If you absolutely must delete your account, you can email us at

Im not receiving an SMS verification
Wait a few minutes as we may be experiencing a slight delay. If you’re still not receiving anything, let us know at and we’ll do our best to get you up and running in no time!

For other queries or support, please contact us at:

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